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Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Summary of Building Restrictions

  1. Single family residences only are allowed; no commercial uses.
  2. No noxious or offensive activities are allowed. Garage sales are not allowed for an annual garage sale open to all members of the subdivision.
  3. No burning of trash.
  4. No junk cars, trailers, modular or pre-fab homes. Any RV’s, boats may be kept within an enclosed garage. No street parking (except during annual garage sale).
  5. Lots shall not be subdivided. No portion of dwelling can be leased, other than the entire dwelling.
  6. Removing of trees greater than 8” in diameter, other than those to be removed for construction, requires written approval from the Association.
  7. Satellite dishes, no more than 3’ in diameter, may be mounted to a house or garage within the rear yard.
  8. Except for garden hoses, no pipes, lines or cables may be above ground.
  9. No trailers, stables or temporary shelters are allowed except during construction, but not for dwelling purposes.
  10. Raised homes must have skirting or landscaping to prevent see-through appearance.
  11. All lots with completed homes must be sodded from the front of the house to the edge of the street and have a minimum of 350 sqft of landscape bedding and swales cut between the lots.
  12. Location, design and material of fences must be approved by the Association.
  13. Dwellings must be no less than 2400 sqft of heated and cooled area. Ceiling height of 1st floor must be a least 9’. Each must have an enclosed garage of minimum of 400 sqft. Chimney pipes must be wrapped with material to match/blend with the house.
  14. Any detached structure must be a minimum of 300 sqft and architecturally conform to the main dwelling.
  15. Driveways must connect to the street with a 20’ concrete apron.
  16. A standardized mailbox shall be used throughout the subdivision.
  17. Roofs must be dimensional shingles.
  18. Homeowner’s Association dues are $100 per quarter.
  19. Utilities provided include electricity – Entergy, gas – Town of Madisonville, water TUI.
  20. No Rental Properties.
  21. Culvert headwall required in Driveway Design.

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